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Do you Buy an Older or Newer Houseboat?

canstockphoto18303632Buying a houseboat isn’t an activity to be taken lightly. There are the costs to consider, not to mention factors relating to a change in lifestyle and even the functionality of your new home. There are two options for purchasing a boat house; the first being to buy an old or used vessel, and the second being to purchase a brand new model.

Both offer their advantages and disadvantages, so here’s a closer look at the particular pros and cons.

Buying an older houseboat

The main reason that people choose this option is to take advantage of the cost. Second hand boats are notoriously cheaper than brand new equivalents, in many cases costing tens of thousands of dollars less. As beneficial as this might sound, it’s not without its negative aspects – and these typically relate to the types of features and facilities within the vessel itself.

Older models don’t always feature the types of commodities that many people have come to expect these days. They might feature gas ovens instead of electrical ones, or they might lack particular appliances. In many cases these losses can be accommodated for, but if you really can’t live without a particular facility there is always the option to upgrade and install newer features yourself.

Purchasing a brand new boat house

Typically costing much more than second-hand equivalents, there are many new houseboats that cost as much as standard homes; with some being even more expensive. It all depends on the types of features that you’d like your new home to possess. Many amenities are included with the vessel and higher quality alternatives will undoubtedly increase the price.

If you have the budget and the financial security, then purchasing a new boat can be far more beneficial over a second-hand option, typically as they will boast much newer features. Fuel systems have changed over the years and newer boats often utilise state of the art options that can reduce fuel consumption.

The materials used can also be more secure, comfortable and stable – and although older models will feature these advantages too, they won’t to the same extent as newer boats. This is why some people prefer to invest a little more to purchase a brand new vessel that offers state of the art amenities, although the difference in cost is understandably quite different.